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Bathtub refinishing service is a cost-effective and efficient way to give your bathroom a brand-new look without the hassle and expense of a full renovation. With this service, a team of professionals will repair any cracks in your bathtub's surface and apply a new, durable coating to make it look like new. Not only does this enhance the appearance of your bathroom, but it extends the lifespan of your bathtub as well, saving you money in the long run. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of designs and finishes to match your personal style and preferences. And for this, Luxury Bath by Innovative Restorations is your best bet. Our company offers the best remodeling services that are custom-fitted and Microban protected.

You can easily get access to all of our tailored services if you are staying in the following locations - Sparta, Jamestown, Harriman, Crossville, Rockwood, and their nearby surroundings. Just make sure to give us a call at 844-403-1318. You can also reach us online here.

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The Benefits of Bathtub Refinishing over Replacement

Bathtub Refinishing over Replacement

Bathtub refinishing is considered the better choice than replacement due to several reasons. These are:

  • Cost-effective: Refinishing a bathtub is generally more affordable than replacing it. Refinishing a bathtub can save you up to 75% of the cost of replacement.
  • Time-efficient: Bathtub refinishing can often be completed within a day or two, whereas a replacement project can take several days or even weeks. So, refinishing is a quick and convenient solution.
  • Less mess: Refinishing typically involves less mess and disruption to your home than replacing it. There is no need to rip out the old bathtub, and you won't have to deal with contractors coming in and out of your home for a long period.
  • Customizable: The refinishing allows you to update the look of your bathroom as per your preference without the expense of a full remodel.

Get Cost-Effective Bathtub Refinishing with Luxury Bath by Innovative Restorations

Your bathroom should be a place of relaxation where you can get a luxurious experience. Since 2009, we have been serving the purpose to make your bathroom a place of comfort, elegance, and rejuvenation. We use the latest techniques and high-quality materials to ensure the best bathroom remodeling. Our services also include bathroom conversion, walk-in tubs, tub cutouts, bathtub shower combo, replacement tubs, and more. To get free estimates today, contact us at 844-403-1318.

Why Choose Luxury Bath by Innovative Restorations

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Custom Fitted

Exact measurements are taken so our bathroom renovation products fit perfectly over your fixtures.

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One Day Remodel

Measured precisely, built by Luxury Bath, then installed in as little as one day.

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Lifetime Warranty

Rest assured that we will stand behind the tub or shower we install with a lifetime warranty on all products.

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Microban Antimicrobial Protection

High-gloss, durable acrylic is unbelievably easy to clean with just a simple spray cleaner and wet cloth!

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The finished product looks amazing! The guys went above and beyond to make sure the installation was flawless. I would highly recommend and use this company again.
Used these guys for two bath remodels and LOVE them! The guys are very professional, knowledgeable, and detail oriented. They were very responsive to any questions and needs we had. Thank you Luxury Bath!
We put in a full bathroom in our upstairs and had Innovative install a luxury bath shower. It looks amazing! They were very easy to work with, professional, and got it installed in one day! Highly recommend them.
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