Accountant Bookkeeper

Kessie Inc; DBA Innovative Restorations and First Steps flooring Inc are growing companies.  Innovative Restorations is a specialty contractor focusing on Water and smoke clean up and repairs that we also do remodeling and mold remediation.  First Steps Flooring is just what is sounds like, We sell flooring products.  We are growing and in need of an accountant that will help us with systems and processes and planning growth.  We figure at some point in the near future we will need an official CFO and that could be you!  For now we are looking for someone with the ability to become a CFO and lead a team, but for now you will report directly to the owner and your focus will be:

  • Payroll
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable (though the actual collection is done by our administrative team.)
  • Tax preparation for Owner and CPA (year end statements)
  • Closing books monthly
  • Track job costs
  • Journal entries
  • Filing business sales and use taxes monthly
  • Monthly financial reports
  • Inventory tracking

This is a full time job we expect 30-40 hours per week.  Your CPA certification is NOT required.  But experience is required.  Lets list the other requirements:

  • Quickbooks experience and knowledge of how to use the program.  (we will test you on this.)
  • Past accounting experience (with references)
  • Team focused person.  We are not looking just for skills or ability but also your ability to communicate and work with a team.
  • Communication; lets talk about this.  You need to be able to explain your work on the 3rd grade level, so that those around here that are smart but don’t know accounting can understand and work with you.  If communication is not your strong suit but you can explain your work and dumb it down for the rest of us we’re probably ok.
  • Quickbooks certification is NOT necessary, but if you are you should mention it!

This job is not for you if you expect to be paid $50-100k/year.  We are able to pay $15-22/hr BOE.  Doesn't mean you can't do better, but we can't afford more right now.  

Our Benefits:

  • Hours are flexible
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Long term disability insurance (paid by company)
  • Paid time off builds from day 1 and available after 90 days
  • Profit sharing
  • Company match 401k

What we will check:

  • Criminal history check
  • Drug test
  • Credit check
  • Job specific Skills and ability

If you are interested in joining our team please send your resume to “” (not .com)

Thank you for applying I look forward to meeting you!

How To Apply
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