stylish laminate flooring for your bathroom.

Laminate Flooring for Bathrooms in Knoxville & Crossville, TN

Considering a bathroom renovation? While flooring might not be the first thing on your list, it's just as crucial as fixtures and built-ins, if not more. Your bathroom floor should not only be durable but also visually appealing and comfortable underfoot. Selecting the right type of flooring to install for your bathroom will be one of your most important decisions.

Opting for wood-like flooring on a budget? Laminate flooring emerges as the ideal and cost-effective solution for your bathroom. Laminate flooring, a popular wood-look option, features a resilient, water-resistant top layer and is available in various wood finishes. A professional installation can increase the efficiency of your laminate flooring. Rely on Luxury Bath by Innovative Restorations for the best laminate flooring for your bathroom remodeling project.

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Why You Will Love Laminate Floors?

Natural Look

 Modern laminate flooring styles now boast realistic visuals and textures, closely mimicking the appearance of hardwood. The texture aligns with the grain in the print film, providing a water-resistant alternative that is generally more budget-friendly.

Embrace a natural look with laminate flooring for a stylish and inviting bathroom.

Protective Layer

Laminate flooring offers a durable top layer, resisting daily wear and tear for easy maintenance. It is not necessary to apply any coats or finishes, just sweep or mop the floor. Plus, it provides protection against accidental flat iron drops.

Enhance your bathroom with a protective layer on the floor for added durability and style.

Waterproof Surface

The waterproof surface of laminate flooring ensures resilience against moisture, making it an ideal choice for your bathrooms. This feature provides added protection, safeguarding the flooring against water-related damage and extending its longevity.

Ensure a waterproof surface for your bathroom floor, combining functionality and style.

Bathroom Laminate Flooring: 4 Things to Consider

Optimize smaller bathrooms with practical and stylish laminate flooring.

Install in Smaller Bathrooms

Laminate flooring works great in small bathrooms, like a downstairs half bath or a cozy master suite bathroom. Half baths, with just a sink and toilet, don't have the same worries about spills or humidity as bigger bathrooms.

Plus, smaller bathrooms connected to master bedrooms usually get more regular care and attention, making laminate flooring a smart choice for these warm spaces.

Choose laminate flooring to minimize humidity and enhance durability in your bathroom.

Minimize Humidity

Bathrooms, more than kitchens, experience increased humidity, particularly with steam from showers. Since laminate flooring is sensitive to moisture and may warp, it's crucial to take preventive measures to minimize exposure. Make it a habit to run the exhaust fan during showers and, if possible, open windows to enhance ventilation and reduce moisture accumulation in the room.

Prevent standing water issues with effective solutions for a dry and secure environment.

Prevent Standing Water

In bathrooms, humidity is normal, but you can avoid standing water. The key is to quickly wipe or mop up any water that's just hanging around. If you let a puddle stick around, it might become a bigger problem.

Water can sneak between the seams of laminate flooring, potentially causing mold. Dealing with mold is a bigger issue, and it might end up costing you for repairs or even a whole subfloor replacement. So, keeping things dry is a smart move.

Elevate your bathroom with a white rug on a sleek laminate floor for a clean and stylish aesthetic.

Lay Down Rugs

Adding rugs and carpets to your bathroom not only makes it feel cozy but also protects your laminate flooring. By strategically placing rugs, you can prevent standing water and create a safer, slip-resistant surface, especially when stepping out of the shower or bathtub.

Laminate floors can get slippery when wet, but many manufacturers have improved the texture to enhance grip, ensuring a safer and more comfortable bathroom experience. So placing a rug in your bathroom can minimize the danger of accidents.

Why Luxury Bath by Innovative Restorations for Bathroom Remodeling?

Luxury Bath by Innovative Restorations has been offering quality bathroom remodeling services in KnoxvilleCookeville, Alcoa, Maryville and other cities within our service area. We offer custom-fitted products to give you the best experience. We also use "Microban Antimicrobial Protection" so that you can clean your bathroom easily.

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