Shower Rod Installation Services in Maryville & Powell, TN

Did you know that there are different styles of shower curtain rods to fit every need and every type of shower? Based on the size and shape of your shower, you may need a specific type of curtain rod to provide the right fit. You can also select different rods based on personal preference or the type of walls in your bathroom.

Luxury Bath is your ultimate provider for all types of shower rods in Maryville & Powell, TN since 2009. You can also enjoy a complete installation of your new Luxury Bath system in as little as one day, from start to finish. All of our products are infused with Microban® protection, which actively inhibits mold and mildew from reproducing.

Luxury Bath's products are made of highly-durable, multi-layer acrylic that is guaranteed not to bend, warp, crack or separate. That means that your new shower designed with our products will be as beautiful and function for decades down the road as it is on the day it's installed. Additionally, each of the pieces of a product is installed using LuxBond® sealant, which forms a rock-solid, permanent bond once it's cured.

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Types of Shower Curtain Rods

Shower Rod Installation Services in Maryville & Powell, TN
  • Curved Adjustable Shower Curtain Rods: A curved adjustable shower curtain rod curves away from the shower and can be adjusted to different lengths.
  • Adjustable Straight Shower Curtain Rods: Adjustable straight curtain rods are one of the most common types of shower curtain rods. They typically attach to the wall with a tension spring inside the rod.
  • Fixed Single Curve Shower Curtain Rods: If you have a standard length bathtub, a fixed single curve shower curtain rod might be perfect.
  • Fixed Single Straight Shower Curtain Rods: As possibly the most common shower curtain rod style, fixed single straight shower curtain rods provide a simple, secure place to hang your shower curtain. They are usually mounted on metal hardware that screws into the wall for a durable finish.
  • Tension Double Curved Shower Curtain Rods: A tension double curved shower curtain rod attaches to the walls with a tension spring inside the rod, but the length is fixed.
  • Tension Single Straight Shower Curtain Rods: Similar to a tension curved rod, a tension straight shower curtain rod attaches to the wall with a spring. This may sound like an adjustable straight rod, but there’s a slight difference.

The Unique Technologies of Luxury Bath by Innovative Restoration

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  • Custom Manufactured to Your Unique Needs
  • Installs in About a Day
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Mold and Mildew Resistant with Microban®
  • Safe & Accessible Options
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Microban Antimicrobial Protection

High-gloss, durable acrylic is unbelievably easy to clean with just a simple spray cleaner and wet cloth!

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The finished product looks amazing! The guys went above and beyond to make sure the installation was flawless. I would highly recommend and use this company again.
Used these guys for two bath remodels and LOVE them! The guys are very professional, knowledgeable, and detail oriented. They were very responsive to any questions and needs we had. Thank you Luxury Bath!
We put in a full bathroom in our upstairs and had Innovative install a luxury bath shower. It looks amazing! They were very easy to work with, professional, and got it installed in one day! Highly recommend them.
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