Exterior Remodeling

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Exterior Remodeling

Exterior Remodels in Eastern Central TN & Knoxville, TN

  • Window Replacement
  • Door Remodeling
  • Siding Remodeling
  • Deck Remodeling
  • Patio Remodeling
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Exterior Updates to Your Home –

Simply replacing the siding, windows, doors, decks and patios can add an instant upgrade to your curb appeal. By using high quality, composite materials, Innovative Restorations will deliver a fast facelift that'll stand the test of time while not breaking the bank.


Siding Remodel

One of the first and most visible features of a home's exterior that will show the wear and tear of age is that of its siding. Our quality siding options can sometimes be installed over the existing side, drastically reducing the completion time of the project while at the same time offering the same level of exterior home protection provided by durable siding. The design and project experts at Innovative will explain the options available so you are assured of an end result that suits both your vision and your budget.

Windows & Doors

Door Remodel

New, modern windows and doors make a great first impression for any new arrival at the property, but they also make a huge difference in your utility bills. Often, old, drafty doors and windows are the primary cause of an overtaxed HVAC, heating or cooling system as it tries to regulate the temperature throughout the year. New windows and doors not only look good, they pay for themselves in energy savings.

Decks & Patios

Deck Remodel

Exterior living spaces like decks and patios need to withstand the effects of the weather year-round. Today's composite decking options hold up against storms, UV rays, wind, and rain. Unlike natural building materials, state-of-the-art composite decks are less vulnerable to the onslaught of inclement weather and will look newly installed, day after day, even years later.

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