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The use of antimicrobial technologies can help make products greener by protecting them against the damaging effects of bacteria, mold and mildew. Products that stay cleaner and fresher for longer reduce the environmental impact caused by more frequent cleaning, laundering and product replacement.


Microban protection is registered with the EPA for all applications and Microban additives can be found in leading consumer and industrial products around the world. In addition to Luxury Bath, Microban also proudly partners with Conair®, Rubbermaid®, Bissell®, Reebok®, Whirlpool®, Kimberly Clark®, and Sherwin-Williams®.

Microban is infused into SimplyPureTM and Luxsan surfaces, providing you with continual assurance that all Luxury Bath products will remain clean and fresh for longer. Luxury Bath's SimplyPure system will remain free of mold and mildew.


Luxury Bath completely revolutionized the bath remodeling industry in 2009, with its state of the art bathtub installation techniques. Luxury Bath utilizes proprietary software technology to guarantee a perfectly custom fitted, acrylic bathtub. Additionally, LuxBond is an exclusive, four part adhesive that creates a watertight finishing seal, assuring your new bathtub is completely safe, solid, and waterproof. LuxBond is also 100% non-toxic and environmentally friendly. With LuxBond, you protect your investment for a lifetime!


While the rest of the remodeling industry uses antiquated Black Butyl Tape (LEFT) for installation which allows water seepage, Luxury Bath’s exclusive LuxBond technology (RIGHT) fills into every space providing a watertight seal for life.


Luxury Bath’s product lines are aesthetically pleasing and functionally accessible. We are committed to our customers’ continual freedom and independence. Let us replace your current, high-sided tub with an accessible walk-in tub. As with all Luxury Bath products, these accessible tubs are made of the finest materials available. Additionally, add optional accessories, like grab bars or whirlpool jets. Luxury Bath also specializes in barrier-free showers for people with limited mobility. When it comes to showers, accessibility and luxury have a lot in common. Some of the hottest design trends — large, walk-in showers with no doors and versatile body sprays — fit right in with designs that make showers safe, accessible and enjoyable to use.

Luxury Bath’s unique designs make bathrooms work for everyone, regardless of age, size and ability, ensuring that your bath system will serve you well for years to come.

Accessible Difference


Luxury Bath’s glass and shower enclosures are available in a variety of patterns and frame finishes, all featuring our proprietary LuxSeal glass treatments and tapered bottom track. LuxSeal transforms the glass surface into an ultra-smooth, optically clear, protective layer for easy cleaning, virtually eliminating unsightly water marks and mineral deposits. It reduces glass cleaning by almost 90 percent. The trackless, frameless door design eliminates the build-up of soap residue and mildew, allowing for quick and easy cleaning. These doors are available in 3/16”, 1/4” and 3/8” heavy glass, in a variety of contemporary styles and finishes.



At Luxury Bath, we realize that reducing our carbon footprint involves more than just responsible material selection and manufacturing processes. When you want to take every step possible to make your home eco friendly, a Luxury Bath shower system or bath is attractive for your home and for the environment!

All of Luxury Bath's products are 100% recyclable, and most of our products fit right over your existing system, eliminating the need for a complete tearout and added waste to our landfills. Exclusively, Microban extends the life of your product by making it easier to clean, and our LuxBond adhesive is an all natural and organic compound.

When you want to "Go Green," do so with Luxury Bath!


Luxury Bath is America’s premier manufacturer of luxury bath and shower systems. All Luxury Bath products are produced in our facility in Libertyville, Illinois. Our commitment to producing domestically, directly impacts our country by keeping Americans working. Our commitment to quality ensures that your purchase will satisfy you for a lifetime.